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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movie Night

O and I had movie night tonight! Can you guess what we watched? If you guessed "Annie," you're right :) She was very excited that the Annie doll that my mom made me when I was little came home with us, and they sat together to watch the movie. O kept her arm around Annie for most of the movie, and now they are both asleep :)


  1. That is my daughters favorite movie as well. She just turned 3, July 19th. For Christmas last year I commissioned a lady on Etsy to make the same doll. It is her absolute favorite and sleeps with her too. Very cute!

  2. I had that doll as a little girl too. I loved it.

  3. Oh, so sweet. Now I have to get Annie for us to watch. My children haven't seen it yet.

  4. My mom made me one too and I still have it! I loved that doll. Maybe someday I'll have a little girl - for now, just two boys.
    How fun that you get to pass along your doll and (probably) love for the movie.

  5. What a cute doll!
    We watched Annie just today, actually! It was my 3-year-old's second time watching.
    I would give anything if I still had my 8" Annie doll & outfits to pass down to her -- don't know what happened to her. :(