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Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Potty Time!

Well, not yet, but we're getting ready! We're planning to start EC (in conjunction with cloth diapers) shortly after Little Kicker is born, so I was excited to buy these potties from IKEA. We'll keep one upstairs, one downstairs, one in the car, and one at Guh-guh and Grandpa's house. O is so excited about the potties. Her baby dolls have been using them, and she thought it was hilarious when she sat on one of them :)

After reading the comments, I realized I might need to clarify...the potties are for the new baby. Click on the EC link to read more about's very intriguing :) We used EC with O starting at about 10 months, and she's been potty trained since she was around 17 months old (although she still usually wears a diaper at night...her choice).


  1. Good luck - look forward to hearing how it goes. I've heard much about this way of potty training and it sounds so interesting and my Kurdish friend talks of similar ways of doing things in her culture. Have been meaning to email you to say that your blog is wonderful, inspiring and have been following it for ages - have added a link to your blog from mine, which is Thank you for keeping going despite the recent scare about photos.

  2. Are these for O or for the new baby? I'm not sure exactly what EC is!? I didn't know if O is potty trained already or not. My son just turned 3 mid-June and he was potty trained this spring. Just curious!

  3. The potties are really cute, but they look like they'll be a pain to use since they're one solid piece. I get annoyed with baby-stuff makers who think cute is more important that ease of use

  4. Looks like fun! I actually found a small bowl (one of those colored take and toss) works great for around the house. It was easy to carry around and fits their small bottom perfectly. {I preferred the bathroom sink, though! Sounds gross I know, but I can't tell you how many cloth diaps I finished rinsing in the sink - just means it got cleaned more often} I never knew why anyone would want to EC until I started cloth diapering. :-)

    EC is not really potty training at all - it is learning to listen to the cues of your infant that they have to eliminate. It is amazing how in tune you become to your baby when you are paying attention! Hope it goes well for you!!

  5. very cute potty's i wanted to buy them when i saw them, DH said we already had one and didn't need more lol... good luck with potty training!!

  6. Those are the potties that we used! I LOVED them. Bri, they are one solid piece with no crevices or cracks to clean. My daughter did FANTASTIC with them! They were easy to empty and easy to clean too.

    We had three, one for each floor. After she mastered the little potty, I got the seats that recess into the big potty lids so i don't ever have to worry about taking a seat off the toilet. I just flip them up!

  7. The potties are for the new baby. O has been using the potty since she was 10 months old and has been potty trained since she was around17 months old. Another commenter already said this, but EC is listening to your baby's cues and taking them to the potty when you know they need to go. We started with O when she was 10 months old, and we plan to start with Little Kicker much sooner. I love that the potties are one piece because we won't have to worry about leaks, and they'll be easy to clean :)

  8. Hi Melissa,
    I've been subscibed to your blog for activity idea inspirations for a while - great stuff!

    I was excited to read that you are giving EC a shot, that's great - I haven't got an IKEA potty yet - but there is an IKEA where we have just moved to in South Australia.

    Have fun with pottying your new baby - so many of my friends are doing it with their second or third babies at the moment - it's cute that any baby photos always come with a photo of a baby on a potty (or being held over it usually) and often it is Dad in the photo, too.


  9. Just found your blog and love it.
    Great that you're planning on doing EC with the new baby. I didn't do it with my first but started at 2 months with my second {he turns one tomorrow}. I also started cloth diapers with my second, partly because there were rarely poopy diapers to clean out because of the potty training.
    I never used a small potty until recently. I have just held him over the toilet when he goes. He even knows to flush when he's done. :)
    my blog: the

  10. good luck with this, come share your ideas on this with me

  11. I liked your page very much..I did this way of potty training to my 22-month-old girl.she sometimes liked it but sometimes didn't.I didn't want to make this process hard so nowadays I've given up but whenever she wants,I try to put her on the potty.she knows everything but she gets bored easily..We will wait until she wants potty!loves..