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Friday, July 17, 2009

I don't want to go home!

We've had such a great week on vacation, and I really don't want to go home! We have been vacationing at the lake in a free condo that one of Elliott's friends let us use. At first it seemed a little strange for us to go on vacation to the lake since we live on this same lake (on the other side in a smaller lake), but it really has been wonderful. We are only 30 minutes from home and 30 minutes from my hometown, so it was convenient for our family and friends to visit us.
We've enjoyed exploring little beaches along the lake. Elliott and O explored while Little Kicker and I relaxed in the boat :) We also had several picnics on the beaches which was lots of fun.

We watched Elliott jump off cliffs and swing from rope swings. O was very impressed and said she wanted to jump with dada. Ummm, no!

We took several walks on an abandoned bridge that is just for pedestrians now. O loved racing on the bridge with dada. We also took a walk with her in her wagon one morning, and that was lots of fun :)

O and my niece, M, had fun excavating treasures from the ice. I brought a Mickey Mouse cake pan and filled it with Cinderella figurines and water that we then froze. The girls had a great time, and this kept them busy for quite a while. We refroze everything, and they had fun with it again a few days later. This activity is quite a hit!

O had fun trying out her new rod and reel that her Grandpa gave her for her birthday.

We grew another growing alligator this time. I thought an alligator would be appropriate since we are vacationing in an area where there are alligators. Although, we were surprised that we didn't see any. O has gotten much better at driving the idle speed. I am amazed by how well she knows her left and right (better than me!), and she confidently follows directions and drives very well with Elliott sitting across from her instead of right beside her.


  1. Hi, I like your blog very much. It is my inspiration very often, so I nominated you for YOUR BLOG IS SUPER award! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. What's a growing animal? Thanks for all the great ideas. I'm going to try the ice excavating one with my 2 yr old.

  3. Amy- A growing animal is a cheap little animal (1.50) that I bought from the Dollar General. You put it in water, and it grows and grows and grows. It's very cool, and O loves it. Here's the link to our growing turtle, Buddy

  4. How old was O when she started doing the ice excavation thing? I'm thinking about trying it in September with my son and his second-cousin who will both be barely 2.

  5. I love the ice excavating activity. I have a tray of tiny treasures in in the freezer right now to try it. Just curious - what tools do you allow the girls to use. BTW - Adorable pic of you on the boat - such a great pregnancy photo.

  6. O first did the ice excavation last summer, and she was almost 2 years old. She and her daddy did the activity together.

    Amy- The girls used cups, water bottles, sponges, spoons, and forks. Last time they also used a hammer and a spray bottle, but I forgot to bring those things with us. We've also used salt before. The forks weren't a good idea...M accidently chopped the praying mantis's head off :(

  7. Thank you Melissa for share your great activities!! i love that one with the ice!! You guys look had fun on your vacations!! you looks sooooo relax!! Nice.