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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday Balloon Surprises

I always have trouble coming up with party favor ideas for our girls' birthday parties, and this year I ran through several ideas before finally deciding on balloon surprises (the idea came from this blog via Pinterest).

(this is not a great picture...sorry about that)
Late into the night before E(3)'s party, I was filling these balloons with small prizes...stickers, candy, rings, etc. I then blew up the balloons.  This sounds wasn't!  It took forever, and I popped many balloons.  I was dizzy by the time I finished blowing them all up.  But enough complaining because it really wasn't that bad...I had a book in my lap, so I was able to read while I worked :)

Each child chose his or her balloon, and they took turns popping them with a stick pin.  I helped them and screamed when each one popped.  Really you would have thought that I was used to the POP by the 14th or 15th balloon!  The kids were all really excited when the prizes exploded all over the ground.  I'd planned to put glittery confetti in the balloons, but I was worried that the birds would eat it.  Maybe I'll put bird seed in them next time...

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  1. You are such an awesome momma!! {I am just having a hard time believing she is 3!!!}