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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Studying the Human Skeleton

O(6) is studying the human skeleton in her 1st grade science curriculum.  We've spent way too long on this unit and it's time to move on, but we've had a lot of fun!

The girls and I had fun building a skeleton using a human body x-ray set (that they were given for Christmas).  This was more difficult than it looks!  We had to overlap a few x-rays to make them fit.

His spine is a little crooked in the picture, but we realized it and straightened him after I took the pic :)

The x-ray set came with labels which I laminated, and we taped to the correct locations.  We review the names of the bones every couple of days while looking at the skeleton x-ray and finding the bones in our own bodies.   On rainy days and nights, we eat our meals at our kitchen table (we eat our meals on the deck at all other times...unless it's too hot) which is right by this door, and we have had fun reviewing the names of the bones.  When I was asking O(6) the names of the bones tonight, I was surprised by how many she knew...then I realized that she was reading the labels, which made me even happier than having her
memorize the names!

O and her cousin had fun completing the skeleton lab from her science curriculum.

Then the girls had fun putting together this skeleton puzzle on the floor.  It's fun to watch them work together to get the job done!

We've had a lot of fun playing this Skeletons in the Closet game.  The girls weren't very good at following the rules because they were so excited to build their skeletons, so we decided to put aside the rules and just have fun building our skeletons.
The girls now know more than I ever knew about the human skeleton throughout my school career, and we've all had fun learning!
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  1. I love it! What a fun set of activities you've come up with! I bet they remember this years from now.

  2. do you know where the x-ray set came from? Ebi-kun would LOVE that!

  3. Very interesting what they learned. Creativity they also seem very high to understand what they're studying.