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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Learning About Heiroglyphs

The girls received a history fun box in the "mail" on Wednesday.  They were very excited.  In the box were a few books about Ancient Egypt including a book about Hieroglyphs.  The girls loved playing with the hieroglyphic stamps.  O(6) has had fun pretending that she is a scribe.

A thoughtful scribe who is hard at work!

O was excited to stamp the hieroglyphs on her pretend papyrus and then roll it up into a scroll.  After she rolled several scrolls, she delivered them to the pharoah (me) and read them to me.  We are having so much fun studying Ancient Egypt!

Here is a link to the Hieroglyphs book that we have.  The stamps are not very good at all, but the children seem to like them.

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  1. Love this activity! I didn't know about these. Would be a great tie-in to Montessori great lessons or Story of the World, etc., Pinned it!