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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bob the Builder

This may not look like Bob the Builder to you, but to the girls of Lakeside Homeschool, it does!

We found this insect on our deck, and O(6) suggested naming him "Bob."  E(3) agreed immediately, but said he should actually be called "Bob the Builder."  We watched him for quite a while.  He was moving slowly, so we knew something must be wrong with him.  We left him with leaves and other things, but he died while we were out of town.  He is now a part of our dead insect collection.  Poor Bob the Builder.  (Btw, these dead insects from our collection have a tendency of finding their way all around our house...I try to round them all up and back on the nature shelf before playdates...don't want to scare away any of our new friends!)

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