Chasing Cheerios

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harvesting the Aquarium Garden

The girls were VERY excited to harvest the vegetables from our aquarium garden.  O(6) said "homegrown carrots are SO much better than store bought!"  And she is so right!

My plan to see the carrots growing below the soil in the aquarium garden did not work.  I'll buy a root-vue container one day.


  1. Oh man! It seems liked it would have worked... I have bad luck with carrots to begin with.

  2. Find a 10 gallon aquarium from someone who doesn't want one anymore fill with dirt cover outside with black paper, make it easy to remove to peak at. Plant seeds close to sides so you can see things grow! A few worms make it interesting.

  3. I wonder if putting something in there as sort of a "wall" to force it closer to the outer wall would help? I also wonder if perhaps anonymous' idea is a valid one. Perhaps they need the dark?