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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Elliott's Kit Kat Cake

After seeing this cake on facebook and Pinterest, I realized it would be perfect for Elliott's birthday since he loves kit kats and m&m's.  Also, it was easy!   Elliott was excited and impressed with his cake, and we are all overjoyed and relieved that he made it to 35 after his (our) traumatic year!


  1. Omg this is awesome! I love reading your posts! How did you make this? Can i get the recipe?

  2. It's a 2 layer cake that my mom iced, and then we stuck kit-kats all around it and poured m and m's on top...easy! We had a problem getting the kit-kats to stay in place because we waited a day after icing the cake to put them on, but the ribbon held them into place well enough :)

  3. I made a cake like this for my daughter, only she wanted it to look like a rainbow so I placed the M&M's by color...crazy me LOL.
    Such a fun cake to make though! SO happy you made it though such a tough year! {hugs}
    Here is the link if you want to see it