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Monday, September 17, 2012

Measuring a Growing Skeleton

Since we've been studying the human skeleton, I bought this growing skeleton for the girls (from Michaels).  There's lots of math involved in this simple activity!

We measured the skeleton before putting him in a bowl of water to grow.  We each made predictions about how much we thought he would grow. He grew 1 inch in 2 days, so O(6) figured out how much he grew each day.  She then figured out how many days it would take him to grow 6 inches.  Fun! 


  1. Sounds like fun and seems like you are already getting into the Halloween spirit. The stores sure are! The skeleton looks like plastic. How does it grow? Renee

  2. It's a rubbery material that expands when you put it in water...just like the growing animals that you can find at the dollar stores.