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Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday Party Snacks!

I had fun gathering ideas for E(3)'s birthday party via Pinterest!  I loved this waffle cone snack idea, so it immediately went on my list!   The girls had fun helping me filling the waffle cones, and they were excited that we had leftovers for them to enjoy later in the week!

I debated for a while on what kind of container to put them in, and I realized that the rainbow rice from our rice pit would work perfectly to hold them upright in a bowl...and it did!

Since E(3) was having "L" week during the week before her party, we decided to make a lollipop tree for the party!  O(6) and I did most of the work, but E helped a little bit. To make the lollipop tree, we stuck dum dums into a styrofoam ball.  We ran out of lollipops when the ball was about half covered, but we decided to just go with it and stuck it in a flower pot.  (here's the lollipop tree that inspired ours...this one looks much better than ours!)

Our girls and their cousin have LOVED homemade popsicles this summer, so I decided to have homemade popsicles at E's party.  I ordered several popsicle sets from Amazon, and my mom and the girls made juice and frozen fruit popsicles for all of the kids.  Each child got to choose his/her own!

We also had homemade brownies and cookies (made by the girls' grandmother), watermelon, carrots, broccoli and dip.

The highlight of the party for the birthday girl was the cupcake decorating activity, but that's for another post!

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