Chasing Cheerios

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bear Puzzle

O has had a good time playing with her bear puzzle lately. Its been in the toy closet for a while because she used to spend more time chewing on it rather than playing with it :) We talked about emotions and colors while doing this activity.


  1. That looks just like ours! Except that ours is a boy. Beeper loves it.

  2. We have one of those too and it's a huge hit. I love how the faces spark conversations about emotions/feelings, great way to help kids understand such an obscure concept.
    Melissa, I adore your blog, you are doing so many wonderful things with O and it's so nice of you to share those ideas with the world.

  3. We have this same puzzle and my daughter adores it (2 years old). She cracks up anytime she makes the grumpy bear. It's so cute!

  4. Beeper only ever does the "laughing bear." He completely ignores the other faces.