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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Great Puppy Rescue and other Fun Stuff

Blogging and homeschool activities have been put on hold this week while we tried to tame and catch 8 puppies that have shown up in our yard. We think that the mama dog was abandoned by her owners before the puppies were born, and they have been living wild on our street since they were born. My siser and niece came to visit, and they were determined to see the elusive puppies, so we found them and started coaxing them over to us. They gradually lost some of their fear, and we caught 2 of them and sent them home with my sister. O and I spent hours on Friday talking softly and sweetly to them while shaking food bowls and gradually moving the food bowls closer to us. They wouldn't get closer than about 10 feet to us, but that was progress. Today Elliott managed to catch 4 more puppies, and he brought them to my sister's house (she has a fenced in yard, and we do not. She also has several friends who may be interested in adopting the puppies). O has gone from being scared to walk in the yard (she's afraid of the dogs and she's very afraid of stepping in "doggie boop") to shaking the food bowl while calling "doggie eat food!" We plan on spending most of the next 2 days hanging out in my sister's backyard trying to tame the dogs before going home on Monday or Tuesday.
While we waited on Elliott to bring the 4 dogs, we walked down to a children's festival near my sister's house. O was tempted to try out the jumping thing, but she decided not to at the last minute. There were too many wild children running around! O and my niece, Marg, enjoyed a snow cone with no flavoring! It was just plain ice, but they thought it was DELICIOUS!
We ended our day with a bike ride around the block. My dad planned on buying O a tricycle for her 2nd birthday, but when I told my sister that plan she said that we could just borrow Marg's tricycle since Marg has almost outgrown it. O was super excited, and I love the handlebars. Its great to be able to push her comfortably on the tricycle. We are going to have LOTS of fun with this tricycle. Thanks, Marg and Mem! (and thanks to Grandaddy for buying Marg this great tricycle for her birthday years ago!)

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