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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our 1st Weekly Pizza Night

I really don't like to cook, and the thing I dislike most about it is figuring out what to cook (my mom always said this when I was a kid, and I thought it was just silly. Now I understand). I decided that a weekly pizza night would be a fun way to get O involved in cooking while providing me with a great idea for a healthy supper. Thanks for the idea, Mom and Kiddo from the blog, What do we do all day?
We used our bread machine to make the pizza dough yesterday. I've been feeling guilty about not using my bread machine lately, so I was thrilled to use it again. We used whole wheat flour along with all purpose flour to make the pizza a little healthier than usual. O loved pouring in the ingredients and mixing.
I struggled to roll out the dough for a LONG time. O was very patient, but she did leave for a little while to go cut her wooden food. I coaxed her back with the promise that she could paint the dough with olive oil. Obviously, I did something wrong (I really had no idea what I was doing)! The dough was crumbly and almost impossible to roll.
O stuffed more cheese into her mouth than made it onto the pizza.
She also stuffed lots of veggies in her mouth. I didn't mind :)
Here it is! We put onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, brocolli, and organic cheese on it. It looks a little crazy, but it tasted great. I think we'll make another pizza tomorrow because I have more of all of the ingredients that I need to use before they go bad.


  1. We make pizza every week, too, although I cheat and buy the whole wheat dough at Trader Joe's! It's always a family affair - I chop the veggies, Doug rolls out the dough and grates the cheese, and Tatum places the toppings on. It's always yummy and so very easy :)

  2. As long as it tasted good, that's what's important.

    I got a tip a while back from FlyLady that makes it a lot easier to deide what to cook when meal planning. Designate a theme for every day of the week, like your pizza night. For example, you could divide it like Monday Mexican, Tuesday Italian, Wednesday Chinese or you could do Monday Chicken, Tuesday Beef, Wednesday Vegetarian...whatever fits your cooking best. I have tried this and having an idea to build on makes it a lot easier for me to decide what to make.

  3. I LOVE the kid free form look. My little grandbabies will love this.

    thanks for sharing everything. I don't have tins but will use my bendable ones.