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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Love Embroidery

She's done! I've been working on this stitchette from Wee Wonderfuls for several days, and I was thrilled to finish her today. I'm making a Christmas stocking for O, and this was the first step. I know its not really the season for Christmas crafts, but I knew that if I waited it was unlikely I would finish it in time. Now the hard part...finding the perfect fabrics to finish the stocking! O really enjoyed watching me embroider. She said "uh-oh" each time I stuck the need through the fabric. This is the 1st time I've embroidered anything in almost 4 years, so I had my Klutz instruction book right beside me. O enjoyed looking at it while she sat beside me on the couch. It was a wonderful way to spend a quiet afternoon with my girl. I promised her that I will teach her to embroider in a few years, and she seemed pleased :) When I was trying to take this picture, O kept turning the fabric over. She was much more interested in the mess of fabric on the back than on the front. She also kept calling the girl "Marg," which was really sweet (Marg is her cousin and best friend).


  1. I have barely a photo that doesn't have a hand in it somewhere trying to interfere with things somehow. It is how I will remember photographing kids forever!

  2. that turned out great! i'm a huge fan of wee wonderfuls. can't wait to see the finished stocking!

  3. Yeah, I love the little hand in the corner of the picture!
    Thanks, Melissa. I love Wee Wonderfuls, and I can't wait until she puts the new free patterns up. I'm going to try a few more free patterns before I buy any :)