Chasing Cheerios

Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh, The Things You Can Do...

with an egg carton! I cut holes out of the bottom of the carton. First, O put clothes pins in the egg carton. When I showed her how to do this, I put the clothes pins upside down. She quickly corrected me!
Open the carton and drop the clothes pins through to the floor. This is very exciting!
Push wooden acorns into the holes. This was a little challenging, and O REALLY enjoyed it.
Then she put bears in the holes or "caves." This was soooooo much fun!
Then shake, shake, shake to get them out again!


  1. Ooo, I like the egg carton and clothespins idea, I'm going to try it! Thanks :)

  2. This is a random comment, but I love the O shirt she is wearing. Did you make that?