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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Unplug Your Kids: Books

We've decided to start doing some of the Unplug your Kids Challenges, and this week was a great one to start with since the topic is books! We spend the vast majority of our time reading, and it is one of O's all time favorite activities. We typically read 20 to 30 books a day, but she somehow convinced my mom to read her over 100 books one day when she was babysitting. My poor mom could barely talk by the end of the day. We have books spread throughout our house on shelves and in bins. Our favorite place to read is the reading chair in the den. We love to snuggle up with a big stack of books.
I'm actually trying to stop my book buying addiction. I check out 8-10 books every week or so from the library, so I'm trying to cut down on the actual buying of books. Although I do still go to the thrift store weekly to check out the children's book selection. I've made a few homemade books for O, and I plan to make more like this one. O loves to look at scrapbooks and photo albums nightly, and she is learning the names of family and friends that we rarely see.
We go to storytime at the library tomorrow, and I can't wait to read some new books with O!


  1. I like reading about all the fun projects you do with O. I think it'll be fun to see what you come up with for Unplugged Projects. That book you made is so cute!

  2. We're also book addicts over here (and I need to stop buying so many!) That's great that O is such an avid reader. Love that sleeping bag, too!

  3. My goodness, you certainly have a little reader there! How wonderful!

    By the way, I too have a book buying addiction (and I also love to hunt through the thrift stores for children's books!). I need to make more use of our library, but Amazon is so much fun!

    Thank you very much for joining us this week. I hope you'll come back next week for "food!"

  4. Oh my goodness- 100 books?! And I thought my daughter was nuts for them! How wonderful that O loves so much at such a young age.

  5. terrific posts here at your blog!! thanks for all the ideas. I was actually looking at making at terranium....neat looking container you used for yours!

  6. We recently purchased 100 odd used children's books for $30 on Craig's List! Zach was very excited about his find! Many of them are old, but all are in great condition. At least 3 of the newer books retail for $16. Now, the problem is that our new bookshelf is still not big enough to hold all of the children's books!