Chasing Cheerios

Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's my Birthday

Bleh! I'm not ready to be 31. 30 sounded old enough. Oh, well. Ell and O brought me breakfast in bed, and it was delicious. I've been spoiled since my mom and O brought me breakfast in bed yesterday. I just might get used to this :) Its a perfect rainy day to nap and be lazy, but we're going to an art festival to enjoy art in the rain. Hopefully, the sun will come out!


  1. Happy bday! Hope it's not too soggy!

  2. "I wish you a happy birthday,
    a joyous and celebrated birthday to my dear friend
    may you have a happy life!"
    This is the birthday song we sing at school (the 'I's are all 'we's of course but you get the idea)
    Hugs to you and little O
    Many happy days this year!

  3. Hi Melissa! I bought a set of lowercase and uppercase sandpaper letters at Lakeshore Learning for $10 each. For that price I'd save myself the trouble and just buy them if I were you. We also just got a wooden lowercase set from that are $28 and Tatum is much more drawn to those. I think they're worth the investment. Whether you make them or buy them, they're a must-have!

  4. happy birthday, 31 isn't so bad, wait until you make it to 35....

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

  6. Hope you had a lovely Birthday! We finally have spring here so I have been outside most of the weekend!