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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Balancing Animals

I introduced this simple work to O last week, and she really enjoyed it. The balancing animals are from the dollar section of Target (bought last summer), and they are meant for martini glasses. O had to place them very carefully on the rim of the cup so that they wouldn't fall off. I was surprised that this was a little difficult for her. It was a great lesson in moving slowly and carefully :)


  1. I saw those! What a fun way to use them.:-)

  2. we saw those too, but i would've never thought of using them for a balancing activity! way to go!

  3. What a great idea - easy to set up, challenging, yet fun. I will try this with my little girl.

    I had forgotten all about tanagrams, although they remind me of a similar sort of activity we do that was inspired by the Mouse Shapes book.


  4. what a great idea! I have those (still unopened).

  5. we have some of those they get played with in princess land my youngest says they are princess animals! :)

    on a side note i'm going private so if you'd like to be on the readers list email me and let me know!

    hope all is well and calmed down

  6. Thanks for the idea! I have these somewhere(?)and I know my daughter would enjoy this.