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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stepping Stones for Father's Day

We made stepping stones for O's Daddy, Grandaddies, and Grandpa. This was an easy and fun project. To make the stepping stones, Elliott mixed mortar mix according to the instructions on the bag. He then put the mix into old cake tins that I had sprayed liberally with cooking oil. After smoothing the mix and letting it sit for a couple of minutes, O made either footprints or a handprint in the midddle of the mix. She then decorated around the footprints or handprints with stones, and I wrote the year with a pencil. We let the stepping stones dry for 24 hours before taking them out of the cake tins. They are a little crumbly around the edges, but hopefully they will harden completely within a few days.

O was very proud of her creations, and I am SO happy with how they turned out!


  1. I love these!! Going to Home Depot in the morning to begin ours!!! Thanks

  2. I picked up one of these earlier this week too! I have to get going with it. I had this vision of my 18 month old putting the cement in his mouth. :o So I might just mix it all up while he naps and then let him do the handprint and stone placing. Or maybe I'll give the kit to Daddy. ;) I think it is a great idea for grandparents too! I just wasn't sure how heavy it would be, since we need to ship gifts.

  3. This is an awesome idea - I was thinking about making one for my daughter's third birthday and adding one each year. Yours turned out really nicely!

  4. Very cute. We did stepping stones for the grandmas for Mother's Day. Such fun!

  5. wonderful!
    so many textures and steps to enjoy! and its a forever gift!