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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Visual Stimulation Blocks

I made this set of visual stimulation blocks for Little Kicker while I was making the color blocks for Caroline. I followed the same steps, except I didn't think about painting the first blocks, so they don't look at nice. Also, I decided to use 3 different sizes of blocks for added visual interest. I haven't finished these blocks because I plan to put black and white pictures of each of us (including Little Kicker) on them, so I'm waiting until after she's born (obviously!) to do that :) These blocks will be one of her handmade Christmas gifts.
I left the blocks on O's table after I took the pictures, and she was immediately drawn to them :)


  1. I love these. Maybe I'll try something like this for our little man.
    Great job.

  2. All the blocks are fabulous! And so are the matching shirts you made.

  3. Love those blocks!!! Am planning for a long time now to make blocks (with photos). As soon as I finally find a supplier for reasonably priced wooden blocks overhere I will start making them!