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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Magical Mixtures- Library Activity Kit

This week's activity kit is called Magical Mixtures, and it's our favorite one so far!

We started by filling small plastic cups with water and dropping a fizzy color tablet into each one. Then we put a scoop of jelly crystals into the water and let it sit for an hour.

When we checked on the crystals after an hour, they had grown and absorbed most of the water. We examined them with a magnifying glass and compared their size to the size of the dry crystals.

Guh-guh and O mixed the crystals together to see if the colors would mix. They didn't :)


For our 2nd activity, we filled a ziploc bag halfway with water, and put 2 scoops of jelly crystals in the bag. After an hour, we checked on the crystals. They had grown trememendously, and O enjoyed exploring their texture.

The space sand in the kit is really cool! We poured a little bit into a bowl of water. We talked about the silvery layer between the sand and water. O enjoyed exploring the texture and seeing how the sand stays dry even while it's in the water :)


  1. I've read about your library activity kits and wondered what they were exactly. Are they just kits you put together to coincide with library books, or are the actual kits that come with books and activities? I'd love to find out more. Thanks.

  2. The library activity kits are kits that we actually check out from the library. They have about 60 kits, and they are sponsored by the First Steps program. Unfortunately, our local library doesn't have the kits, so I only have access to them when I am working (my office is an hour away, so I'm not going to go that far just for an activity kit :)