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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have You Seen My Duckling?

Our book of the week is Have You Seen My Duckling? by Nancy Tafuri. We've enjoyed reading the book along with several other "duck" books and discussing the stories. We've done several simple things for story stretchers from this book. We learned the Spanish word for duck and the sign for duck, and we sang "5 Little Ducks Went out to Play." O matched miniature plastic insects to the insects in the book as we read the book.
We went outside to see the ducks. We didn't see any ducks, but O had fun trying to catch minnows. We also played "Have you seen my duckling?" O was the duckling, and I pretended like I couldn't see her (don't worry mom. She was NEVER out of my sight!), and I asked everything around me "Have you seen my duckling"? This game was a big hit, and we've played it several times since then. O knows, of course, that she is never to be out of our sight while playing in or near the water. We have a very strict rule that we never play hide and seek outside, and she is always amazed when she sees children in books playing hide and seek outside since that is the ultimate in naughty/dangerous behavior :)


We took bread out to feed the ducks, but ended up feeding the minnows instead. The minnows were excited. We also practiced being very still. If you stay very still in the water, the minnows will nibble your toes!

O's favorite story stretcher was this pond/lake habitat that we made using beach sand and water. I gave her several ducks, plastic insects, and people to play with, and she was engrossed in this activity for quite a while.



  1. How do you like the life vest? I was looking at one of those for my 3y/o and i don't know if that's the one we should get or not.

  2. Love some of the ideas you've been using with your daughter. Hope you continue to feel well during your pregnancy.

  3. Christy- We like the vest for playing in the lake and pool. I don't feel like it's safe enough for her to wear in the ski boat even though it is certified for her to wear in a motor boat. She is right at the borderline for the beginning weight, so it tends to become a little loose once she is wet. She was able to take it off by herself when she first started wearing it, and I did not like that at all. We started tightening after she's wet after that.

    Thanks, Tracey! I wouldn't say that I feel well, but I shouldn't comlain since I'm not spending all of my time sitting by the toilet anymore :) Hopefully, I'll be able to stop my anti-nausea meds soon...

  4. I tagged you on my blog-go check it out!

  5. So adorable! I love all your ideas! Maybe O would like to play "Duck Duck Goose?".