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Friday, June 19, 2009

More Rock Activities

Here are the last of our rock activities.

We broke open geodes with a hammer and marveled at the beauty inside.
O was actually a little disappointed after she opened the geodes. She thought they were going to have jewelry inside that she could put in her jewelry box :)
Since our book discussed pyramids, we decided to make a pyramid out of family reunion cups (we reuse these cups every year at our family reunion).
O also wanted to make a Sphinx, but I couldn't come up with a way to do that. Maybe we'll try to make a sand castle Sphinx on the beach tomorrow. In addition to these activities, O sorted her rock collection into an egg carton, we learned the sign for "rock," and we learned the Spanish word for "rock."


  1. How about making a Sphinx out of clay? You could form the basic shape using clay and then add some details using wooden play-doh tools.

    Also, depending on whether or not your Rock unit is also covering minerals, you could use it as an opportunity to talk about the formation and composition of clay.

  2. Hi, This might be a stupid question, but where do you buy geodes and the magnetic rocks you mentioned in the last entry? Thanks

  3. Clay is a great idea :) Thanks!

    We bought the magnetic rocks and geodes when we were in the mountains last summer. I'm not sure where you would find them other than in a touristy area like that...