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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Independent Artwork

O spends A LOT of time at her art shelf! She loves it, and I love that she is getting more and more creative everyday. She recently (within the last 2 weeks) started drawing faces. She calls them "a people." Here are a few of her recent creations :)

She said this is the bald headed man that she saw at the grocery store. He can't hear (he doesn't have any ears), he ate too much candy so he has lots of cavities and fillings, and he's a little grumpy :)

She made this collage while my mom and I were organizing. She said 2 girls are playing in the grass, 2 girls are swimming in the lake, and 3 girls are playing in the sand.

She glued the whole sheet of stickers to this collage. I asked if she wanted to take them off and place them on the paper, but she was not interested. I guess I should know not to question an artist's creative spirit :)


Another collage...she loves cutting pictures out of magazines, especially Pottery Barn Kids catalogs.

I was not very happy when I saw that she had cut up the suction cup thingy. She looked at like I was crazy when I questioned her about it and said "but mama I needed it for the man's eyes." Well, what was I thinking! She agreed to only cut things after asking. It's partly my fault since I told her she could take the suction cup thing to her art shelf. I just had no idea she'd use it in her art. I should've know better...



  1. Melissa--

    Wonderful indie artwork!!!

    Your "suction cup thingy" incident reminded me of something Benjamin did earlier this year.

    I had made a nature box for him, filled with all sorts of natural things that he could explore at his leisure. One day he announced he was going to make a collage--as he is pretty good with his art supplies, I didn't even question his intentions. Well, he made this:

    Basically, he took every thing out of his nature box and glued it onto a piece of paper. It's really quite lovely, but nonetheless, I didn't expect him to in effect, destroy all the things on his nature shelf!!! LOL

  2. I just found your blog recently, and I am a big fan. It's amazing to see how all the work you've been doing with your daughter is helping her creative side to unfold. She is so lucky to have you as her mother.