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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Cultural Exchange Update

I started working on dividing the groups last night and realized that it was futile since I was still waiting on information from some people. So, I'll divide the groups tonight. If you haven't emailed me with your preferred group number, please do so immediately. I think I'll be able to include everyone who sent me their information. Although, some of the groups may have more than 1 US and Canadian participants. I hope that's not a problem. The other problem I'm having is that I want to exchange with everyone! I just wish shipping wasn't so expensive!


  1. have you thought about doing a US exchange with the different regions? I love your blog!

  2. I would love to exchange with more than 6 but just felt the postage would be too high to do more than that. Perhaps there is an opportunity now, or sometime later, to add to this with photo/recipe/craft exchange online. The information could be made into a scrapbook or slideshow?? Definitely not as much fun, or tactile, but maybe as a way to explore a few more cultures without adding to the postage costs?

  3. Shar- I've been thinking the exact same thing! I also think it would be fun to continue to email letters and pics back and forth with my group members. I would then print them and put them into envelopes so it would seem like "real" mail to the kids.