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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spin Art

The girls and I have had lots of fun making spin art over the last couple of weeks using a set that my sister gave O(5) for Christmas (she found it super cheap at World Market on Black Friday).

This is a very simple art kit. It comes with a spinning top and papers to put on the top. You spin the top and squeeze the paint on as it spins. Lots of messy fun! If you sqeeze too hard, the paint goes everywhere, and it does NOT come off of skin easily and probably won't come out of clothes at all.

We made art until we ran out of paint. I think I'll be able to easily refill the bottles with liquid watercolor, which should (hopefully) wash off a little easier. The girls were very proud of their artwork, and O plans to send a spin art painting with each cultural exchange package.

Next, we need to try salad spinner painting again. We haven't done this since we made our Rachael Ray video, which means sweet E(1) has never made salad spinner art...well, we can't have that, can we? :)

I didn't include a link to Amazon with this product since it is terribly overpriced. It also got some bad reviews. I would have given it a bad review if I'd paid 10 dollars for it, since it's basically a cheap plastic spinner, paper, and paint. We've had LOTS of fun with it, and it would be fairly easy to make your own.


  1. We just did some spin art too. We used a lazy susan that I found in the pantry. Don't the kids just love it? Here is our experience with it....

  2. A lazy susan is a great idea! I have one stored under my dresser that I've been trying to figure out a use for, and making art with it will be perfect! Thanks!