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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Painting Canvases

As a part of "Art on the Beach" week, the girls painted canvases. E(1) painted a very abstract painting, and O(4) said she was painting a landscape. We've been reading about Monet, so she was painting a landscape like we read about. Her interpretation of what she saw was VERY different than the way I would have painted it!

They had fun, and I have 2 more masterpieces to hang on my walls!


  1. O's landscape is very different than I expected reading your post. I love it! It is amazing how a child's mind can interpret things and express itself when there are no limits set upon it!

    (By the way... I have read your blog for longer than I can remember, but I am just getting to starting to comment. I love it!)

  2. Ah, if only I could get my little bubby to "interpret" a landscape! We go crazy with paints and all he wants to do is mush it with his hands :-) Great job!

  3. Thank you ...I may use this article on my Montessori blog in the future...http://mindfulmontessori.b​