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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blow Gun Game

My mom (aka Guhguh) and O(5) share a birthday, so we always spend the day with my mom on their birthday. This year O went into the playroom (at my mom's house) with the intention of drawing a picture for my mom for her birthday, but was struck by the inspiration to make a blow gun game for her instead! (we learned about blow guns on a recent camping trip during which we toured an Indian village).

O(5) used straws and q-tips to make the game. She cut one end off of each q-tip, and cut about a quarter off of each straw. The small parts of the straws were the "blow gun holders" (to hold the q-tips when they were not in use, and the long straws were for blowing the q-tips. She told Guhguh that when she got tired of using the blow guns, she could match the straws.

Guhguh was very excited by her gift, and she and O had fun trying to blow the q-tips into a bowl. I was very impressed by O's creativity!

Loading the blow gun.

Firing away!


  1. Is it totally horrible that we did this at VBS as a kid?

  2. Love this! Just made some for my kids - they are running around shooting everything. Fun!