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Friday, July 1, 2011

Spray Paint Art

The girls had fun making art using spray bottles filled with watered down liquid watercolors (from IKEA). I taped big pieces of paper to our fence and gave them a couple of spray bottles of paint (thanks to Amber for this idea!). E(1) got a little frustrated because she couldn't spray the paint without help, but she still had fun.

I also gave them a pack of blow paint pens, and we all really enjoyed that!


  1. I love this one, it looks great on watercolor paper, too! Thanks for sharing! We love your blog!

  2. Awesome! I've still got a large canvas drop cloth hung on our fence and all my girls and their friends have enjoyed spraying it over and over again. I just let the rain (or a hose) wash it off. I think I originally saw the idea on Artful Parent. I'll have to look at IKEA for liquid watercolors next time I am there.

  3. Amber- What kind of paint did you use? Your colors were much brighter than ours...I think I diluted the watercolors too much.