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Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Summer Poetry Basket

The girls LOVE poetry baskets, but I haven't been as good about putting them together as I had planned. I recently put this one together, and we've really enjoyed reading the poem while acting it out. O(5) recited it after I read it, and then E(1) had a turn. I was amazed by how well E recited the poem while pointing to the words! She loves to do everything her big sister does!

I've got to get better about doing monthly poems with them! It's so simple, and they enjoy it so much!


  1. Love it! What a fantastic idea. That poem will always have sentimental meaning to me - our oldest (now almost 11) learned it in kindergarten and loved teaching it to us. xoxo michele

  2. Where do youget your Montessori poems from? Is there a book out there somewhere?

  3. LOVE this poem!! Going to find it now for A - - I know she will love it too. :)

  4. We have lots of poetry book for children, and I just pull the poems from the books. My favorite is Poems for the Very Young with illustrations by Eloise Wilkins.

  5. Hi Malissa, I have seen your post about poems. Can you please tell me more about how to teach this poems to kids? how to develop their intrest in it? My son is also same age as O. I would love teach him poems but i don't know where to start? Can you suggest any good book for that? or any good website?

    Thank you in advance.

  6. I loved that poem when I was in first grade! What a cute poetry basket! I featured your photo and post in my Montessori-inspired poetry activities at