Chasing Cheerios

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baking Biscuits

Guhguh taught us how to make biscuits during "Laura" Camp. She showed us how to level the flour, and she told us about the difference between liquid and dry measuring cups.

In the interest of being authentic, we used a Mason jar to cut out our biscuits.

I told the girls about how I (along with my sister and cousins) used to help my grandmama bake biscuits, and my favorite part was when grandmama let us have the tiny pieces of leftover dough to make miniature biscuits. The girls got right to work making miniature biscuits. Then we all tasted the raw biscuit dough. This brought back many wonderful memories of time spent with my grandmama and created new memories for the girls with their grandmama :)

While the biscuits baked, we made butter! We poured heavy cream into baby food jars, dropped in a marble, and shook and shook. I learned the hard way that you CAN shake too hard! I was showing the girls how to shake vigorously and the marble broke my jar!

Eventually, we had butter, and it tasted wonderful on the fresh, homemade biscuits! We ate them all within minutes :)


  1. I'm horrible at making biscuits! I think I need Guhguh's help, too!

  2. We'll have to do this! We love all things Laura!


  3. HI Melissa would you mind sharing your recipe?

  4. When I made butter with my MOMS Club, one of the jars broke then too! But that kid wasn't interested in participating, so it busted all over his dad instead :)

  5. I LOVE you idea of doing "Laura Camp"! I've loved the Little House on the Prairie series since I was a little girl, and now am enjoying reading the books with my own two girls. We are definitely going to have to try some "Laura" things. :)