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Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Dead Insect Collection

After finding several really beautiful and interesting dead insects, the girls and I decided to start a dead insect collection. They are VERY excited about this, and we've gone on several "dead insect hunts" in our yard. We've found beetles, bees, dragonflys, moths, huge grasshopers, grandaddy longleg spiders, mayflies, etc.

Elliott found these huge and scary insects at work (Thank goodness we didn't find these at our house!)

We keep our dead insects in an old printer's box. We're hoping to fill every space before summer's end.


  1. Wow! Great bugs to find and start a collection with! Here's a link to how to set bugs in acrylic if you're interested!

  2. hahaha! I was just going to send you that same link! You have a great blog with wonderful ideas, its been an inspiration!

  3. wow, awesome! what insects you have around there...
    collecting is so much fun for kids.

    hanna from dull middle europe (insectwise)

  4. Super cool - - and so gross!!! LOL