Chasing Cheerios

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I've finally finished emailing all of the cultural exchange group members with your group members names and addresses! I am sure that I have overlooked some emails, so if you sent me name and address and did not get an email from me, please let me know. I have space for 4 more people in a group. Also, if you requested a group of 12 and only received 1 email with a group of 6, please let me know. THANK YOU! I've loved seeing the emails back and forth between the group members. It looks like everyone is very excited about this, and I am, too!!!


  1. Thanks so much for organizing this! We are very excited and I've started jotting down ideas for items and pictures to include in my package!

  2. Are you going to post about your package that you are sending out? I would love to get an idea:) I'm so excited!!