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Monday, October 5, 2009

Carving a Pumpkin

Monday's Halloween activity was carving a pumpkin. We used a pattern and tools from a set that I bought last year after Halloween (for about 75 cents). O chose a cat pattern, and the pumpkin turned out really nice. Elliott roasted the pumpkin seeds with garlic, and they were delicious!

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  1. For quick and easy "pumpkins" ready to eat - you can use red or green bell peppers - they clean out and cut much easier than pumpkins -- you could put one -- or even a half at each place and the guests could nibble away and dip the pieces and eat them... esp if you light them with the battery powered candles...

    I would have never thought of this but one of my campers on a 4H bicycle trip was asked to slice up some peppers and instead of "sacrificing them to our stomachs" in the normal way he turned them into cute little jack o'lanterns --

    of course we had no pumpkin seeds to back this way - but it was fun.