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Monday, October 26, 2009

Lots of Unschooling this Weekend!

O is obsessed with all things medical, and she LOVES to play "first day" (first aid). We were on vacation this weekend with her grandparents, and she was thrilled to play "first day" with her grandaddy for hours and hours. Her grandaddy is a volunteer fire fighter who has a well stocked first aid kit. O had a great time "organizing" it, and she taught Ema all about gauze, blood stopper, sterile bandages, eye irrigation, thermal blankets, etc. I have to admit that I was a little surprised when O excitedly asked to play "heart compressions!" She often plays "broken leg, broken arm, and having a baby," but I'd never heard her ask to play heart compressions. Funny girl!

She is also VERY interested in learning about electricity, so she was thrilled to wake up on our first morning at the beach to find a bucket truck working on the power lines directly in front of our house.

There were lots of other fun learning experiences this weekend, but these were the highlights!


  1. Now I never thought about that before but a First Aid Kit would be so much fun to explore for a child....mmmmm now I am thinking of some simple activiites I could put on the shelves with First Aid Kits.

  2. Kylie, that is a great idea. I think I will put together a little first aid learning kit, too. A lot of the supplies are child-safe, and my daughter has such trepidation about even letting me look at a 'boo-boo' that I bet giving her a learning kit would increase her comfort level.

  3. Wow, first aid kid must be fun for kids. My daughter likes watching doctor video at and she also likes playing with phonendoscope plus she often gives an injection to her dolls...

  4. My daughter has a slight obsession with having babies too. It all started when we started watching birth videos prior to my seven month old's birth. He was born at home in water and she saw it. She's a pro and expert at it. It's too funny. Glad mine's not the only one.