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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Different Spin on Decorating a Pumpkin

O was excited about today's Halloween activity...decorating the back of our carved pumpkin with plastic noses, eyes, mouths, ears, etc. I bought the set of parts after Halloween last year. The pieces are very similar to Mr. Potato Head parts which would work just as well. We're planning on buying several more smaller pumpkins and finding all of our Mr. Potato Head parts to make an interesting family of pumpkins :)


  1. We bought the princess kit last year for Madison's pumpkin! It was much easier for her to use those last year rather than carving a whole pumpkin.

  2. Mr. Potato Head was originally sold as just an assortment of eyes, ears, etc. to put in your gourd-like vegetables at the dinner table -- ie it was designed to be played with at the table. So you are just taking them back to their origins.

  3. Hey there! We bought fake carveable pumpkin from Michael's to use with this set. It is light enough for the little one to carry around (everywhere) and won't rot.