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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Floor Time

I realized that all of my posts have been about O lately, and I really should include Ema a little more :) We've started having floor time in her room in the mornings, and we are all enjoying it. O is a little Mother Hen, and she LOVES her baby sister. She loves it if I need the room for a minute, and she always assures me that she will babysit while I'm gone. "Baby Sister" loves O, and she especially loves it when O sings to her. She even cooed at O a few days ago when O was singing to her. It doesn't get any better than that!!!

I will eventually post pics of Ema's semi-Montessori bedroom. You can see the floor mirrors in this picture. It appears that Ema is looking at herself in the mirror, but I don't think she can really see them at all. I need to lower them. She was laughing in this picture. I love that she has started smiling, cooing, and laughing.

Edit to Add: Several people have commented that they are surprised that I use "Ema's" name...don't worry! Her name is NOT Ema :) I didn't want to use 2 initials because I find it annoying when I read something and EVERYONE is called an initial. "Ema" is our baby's blog's a play on her "real" name :)


  1. I have the same IKEA floor mat and use it in my child care home for the infants I care for! I love it!

  2. great idea, if we add another one to our houseful...I might have to steal it!!
    BTW I thought it strange you use your babies name!??!

  3. She looks like such a happy little girl.

    I'm curious - why is a BAD thing to use your children's name on a blog? Nowadays it just seems like it would be an easy thing to find out anyway.

  4. How sweet is she?! I love hearing about how O is just a little mommy! Nani was/is the same way with Nudgie too!

    ~ Jennifer

  5. Mari-Ann- I keep O's name off the blog for safety and privacy. Hopefully, no one will be interested enough to try to find out her name, and if they are I'm really not sure how they would find out (other than the few slip-ups I've made on the blog that I've hopefully erased!). I REALLY try to keep our location, last name, and my children's names off of the blog. It's probably unnecessary, but I wouldn't want a stranger to recognize her and call her by name when we are out and about...

  6. When you write more about her room, please show more of that blanket too.
    Where did you get the mirrors? Are they just regular mirrors?
    I love everything you do. I wish you would come turn my house into a montessori house!

  7. I adore your blog! I've been checking in off/on for the past year from Montessori Journey. My younger daughter is between your two little ones so now that she's a little older (I don't know if that made absolutely any sense) :) it's been so fun to look for ideas and activities here for her.

    Can I ask about your mirrors? Are they regular mirrors? How did you attach them? We're expecting a little one and I'd love to do something similar-I actually think my older kids would LOVE something like this, but I wondered if you need special mirrors or worry about them breaking at all?

    Thanks again for sharing all the fantastic ideas, tips, links and so much more. I love your ideas.

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