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Friday, October 16, 2009

A GREAT Deal on Children's Books

I recently ordered this set of 12 hardback children's books from Weekly Reader for O and Ema. It's such a great deal that I couldn't resist! I was won over by each book coming with a cd of the story. We had a great time listening to 3 of the stories while traveling to my mom's house (How I Became a Pirate is my favorite!), and I hope that O will also like listening to the stories as she goes to sleep at night.

The books included are:

•Corduroy Lost and Found
•Curious George Goes to a Costume Party
•Do Your ABC's Little Brown Bear
•Henry's Show and Tell
•How I Became a Pirate
•The Little Engine That Could Goes on a Class Trip
•Mirette on the High Wire
•Raggedy Ann's Wishing Pebble
•Tops & Bottoms
•What Grandmas Can't Do
plus 2 bonus books

They only cost 24.95 plus shipping! I thought there must be some catch to this, but there doesn't seem to be :)


  1. Thank you! They do this every year, it seems (The problem being sometimes the CD does not run in a regular CD player instead of a computer one). But I didn't discover it until after last year's!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I'm just starting up a listening center in my classroom and this is perfect! :)

  3. Thanks!!!! My kids LIVE for books on cd--esp right after waking up--lets them lie quietly in bed in that in between quiet state. I look for them all over--my son will LOVE the pirate one--we already have the book--but this will make it so much more fun!

  4. Did I mention that I'm addicted to buying children's books? LOL! Thanks for the tip!

    ~ Jennifer

  5. I'm addicted to buying children's books, too! I usually don't spend more than 49 cents per book (I buy most of our books at thrift stores), so these books were actually a little expensive for us :)

  6. Great tip! Thanks. I can check off another Christmas present! Actually, I might order another set and give them individually as gifts next year....hmmm.

  7. Oh, thank you for the tip! I just ordered. Some for my girls, some to have on hand for gifts. What a great deal.

  8. Thank you for the link! My children listen to stories every night as they fall asleep. They soooo look forward to it. I only have 1 of these books, so this set is perfect for us. Scholastic has great deals on books on CDs too. LOVE your blog :)

  9. How I Became A Pirate has been a favorite in our house since I don't know when. It is such a fun book!