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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Beautiful Dragonfly...Sarah's Silks

O loves to fly around like a dragonfly while she wears her beautiful silk dragonfly wings from the Let's Explore Shop. The wings are made of light, airy silk and are hand dyed. The color combinations are beautiful, and O alternates between being a dragonfly and a butterfly. I love how the ties cris cross over her chest and tie around her waist rather than tying around her neck. She holds the wrist loops in her hands to spread her wings as she flies. Playsilks are the number 1 toy in our household, and these wings are a wonderful addition to O's creative, open ended play. Luckily, for you the wings are ON SALE at the Let's Explore Shop! I've already placed my order, and my sweet girl will be getting a silk cape and a silk fairy skirt for Christmas (I can't resist a great deal!). Thanks, Amy!


  1. I know in past years you have made a lot of your daughter's Christmas gifts. What is on the table for this year?

    Also, when did she start playing with the playsilks?

  2. So far I've made O a miniature bowling game and an embroidered Christmas pillow doll. I also plan to make her a roll-up hopscotch mat and miniature fairies to go in the miniature treehouse that Santa Claus is bringing her. For E I've made visual stimulation blocks, an embroidered Christmas pillow doll, and I'm working on a quilt. I also want to make a couple of board books for her and maybe a few other things.

    O started playing with the playsilks when she was around 18 months to 2 years old. They are the most used "toy" in our house. She uses them in just about everything that she dolls, kitchen, blocks, dollhouse, doctor, etc.

  3. One more question (I'm still looking and the sale is about to end, yikes!)

    How many play silks did you start with? I know you dyed some of your own. But would that set of 4 be enough to "get started" with and see if it would work for our family?

    Also I'm wondering if I want to go elsewhere and get the 11x11s instead. I'm thinking of making a box with a hole in the top (kind of like the one on No Time for Flashcards lately) and putting playsilks inside for pulling out (like tissues). Good storage plus another game. But then I wonder if the 35x35 size would be way too large for that!

  4. We have 6 silks. Most of them are pretty big. I think 1 or 2 are small. The bigger playsilks are definitely beter because they are much more versitle. O uses hers as capes, skirts, blankets, etc. You can't do all of that with the small ones. We stored ours in a wipes container, and it was fun at first(and all 6 silks fit in the container). However, she plays with them MUCH more since we hung them from clips on the wall.

  5. Oops! That last comment was from me ...signed in as my mom :)