Chasing Cheerios

Friday, May 16, 2008

Are You Planning on Turning Your Blog into a Book?

I am!!! I 1st started blogging when I was pregnant with O, and my other blog is a VERY detailed account of O's daily life. My intention from the very beginning was to somehow turn it into a book. In fact, that was the primary reason that I even started blogging. I love to take pictures and document O's life, and it so much easier to do that on a blog instead of in a traditional scrapbook. I've made several photo books using Snapfish and My Publisher, but both of these methods require lots of time and uploading of photos. Imagine my excitement when a highschool friend started her own company, Scrapbook Blogger, which slurps your blog and makes a book for you! I've already uploaded most of my 1st blog and some of Chasing Cheerios. After trying Blurb (and finding it very complicated and time consuming for this time strapped mama), I was amazed with how simple Scrapbook Blogger is. Its also EXTREMELY affordable. Its much less expensive than traditional scrapbooking, and I believe its cheaper than Snapfish and My Publisher (although I haven't actually calculated it on paper). O LOVES to look at photo albums each night, so I really can't wait until we have books of the blogs to read with her. I'm also excited to have the blogs turned into books because I think it will be a great memento for O when she has children of her own. I hope that she'll see the different activities that I've done with her and try them with her own children. Check out this interview with Ashley, founder of Scrapbook Blogger, at More Than Just a Mom.


  1. Thanks for this review! I used Blurb to make a book of last year's blog posts, so maybe I'll try this next time!

  2. I tried blurb, but never finished a book to be printed. It was way to frustrating for me. I found Scrapbook Blogger to be 10 times easier and which used up less of my time. (Like I have much time any way being an Army wife with 2 little boys and one more on the way.)I have made books using Snapfish as well and still found this easier. :+)

  3. Hi Melissa! Is your other blog public as well? I really enjoy reading this one and would love to see it!


    Jacqueline S. (not yet a mom, but a recent college graduate who majored in education and had a special interest in Montessori)

  4. This is great! I too am trying to capture my daily life with my 7 month old and would love to put my blogs into a book! Such a great idea! Thanks for your ideas on it!! I'm definitely going to look into this.