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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"What are you thinking about?"

A online mama friend had the idea to start asking her kids what they are thinking about just because its fun to hear their answers. I thought this was a great idea, so I've been asking O lately. I thought it'd make a fun weekly blog post, and I'll love looking back on the things she's said and how her answers have changed as she's grown. I've also videod a few of her responses. This is how the 1st conversation went...
Mama: What are you thinking about O? (my mom was holding her, and we were standing in my mom's hallway)
O: Hmm?, hmmm? (while looking around the room)
Mama: What are you thinking?
O: night-night! (she was ready for a nap!)

After her nap... (we were outside with Sophie Socks & my mom. We were hoping that the fresh air would help SS feel better)
Mama: What are you thinking, O?
O: grinned and looked down almost shyly
Mama: What are you thinking?
O: night-night (grinning)

I asked her again today, but my brain isn't working and I can't remember what she said. I hope I'll remember to keep asking her. I think this will be fun :)


  1. how cute! i'll try to remember to play along (and hope that I remember their replies too)!

  2. This is a lot of fun! The boys, especially JC love to ask questions about everything. I always try not to answer, but instead find out what they think the answer is first. The answers I get are often hilarious, but then give me a good idea how to actually answer their question b/c I know what they were thinking when they asked. :)

  3. it's a wonderful idea! i must try it at once! and i should record the answers too as just you did. thanks for this great idea!