Chasing Cheerios

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Mystery Bag

We did the Mystery Bag game for the 1st time today, and O was just vibrating and squealing with excitement! I put several items in the bag- banana (fake), spoon, fork, toy car, and a bead. I showed her the items, and we labeled them. Then I put everything in the bag and put the blindfold on. I demonstrated how to pull out only one item and then feel it and then say what it is. Then it was O's turn. She guessed bananaa before taking off the blindfold, but she was so excited with the rest of the items that she pulled off the blindfold as soon as she had the object out of the bag. Then she decided that it was mommy's turn. She loved it when I guessed correctly, and if I took too long to guess or guessed wrong she called out the answer proudly. I think this is definitely O's most favorite montessori work EVER!


  1. This is Oliver's favorite one too!
    He really enjoys it when I put something that makes a noise in it (ex: a bell) we don't use the blind fold because he doesn't like it. I LOVE the picture with this post! She is too cute.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Babyebi loves this too, although he won't wear a blindfold either. We have a travel mystery bag too that we take on long journeys, it was great on the 14 hour plane ride last September.