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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Drawing and Stickers Basket

I gathered a basket of drawing pads, a pencil, markers, and stickers for O last night and left it on the table for her to discover this morning. She was thrilled to see it, and she had lots of fun playing with the stickers (they were on her cheeks at one point before ending up on the floor and table) and drawing on the pads. This activity will stay at the table because I don't want her walking around with a pencil in her hand or drawing on the walls and floor. I realized what a packrat I am when I looked closely at the stickers and saw the date...1983! Yes, I saved them from when I was 6 years old probably with the intention of one day sharing them with my little girl :)

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  1. Oh, my little girl loves stickers, too, just like I did as a girl! I wish I'd held on to tons of stuff I had as a kid....stickers, pencils, pencil boxes, more. She (and my son) would love playing with them now.