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Monday, May 5, 2008

Unplug Your Kids: Green

The unplugged theme this week is green, and we decided to share a few of our weekly "green activities.
O loves to drink from her green Kleen Kanteen just like mommy!
Helping sort the recycling.
Helping mommy put the plastics in the correct container
Helping mommy and daddy crush cardboard boxes
Helping daddy put the boxes in the correct container
We cheated a little since we didn't really do anything that we don't normally do. However, O doesn't usually go to drop off the recycling. We had to go to town on Thursday and in order to minimize wasteful spending of gas, we packed everything into one trip... dropped off the recycling and trash, dropped off the tiller at Kenny's house, went out to eat, and went grocery shopping. It was a long night, but we wanted to get our money's worth since it cost $7 to go to town and back (yes, I'm a dork, and I like calculating things like that).


  1. She is learning wonderful habits from her Mommy and Daddy. I love that you get her involved in your recycling!

  2. It is never to early to get involved in recycling!

  3. What great role models you are for teaching her these habits so young.

  4. Well, we're dorks too- it costs us $6 per trip to town, so we've started doing the same thing you are! My daughter loves to help carry the recycling from the kitchen to their bins in the garage, but we've never let her toss things into the bins at the recycle center- I think she'd love it. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Hooray for green! That is all pretty fun (and educational) for a toddler. Thanks for joining in! (I don't think it was cheating at all!)

  6. Well, a gallon of gas is $4 here! We haven't calculated what it cost to go places yet. Instead, we just try to walk, & Zach is hoping to start riding his bike to work a few times a week starting tomorrow. :) We'll see how that goes! We have HUGE Hills here!

    P.S. - I've gone back to using cloth napkins at the table & if there aren't any clean I cut the paper towel in half! :)

  7. How cute. We love our Klean Kanteens, they rock!!