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Monday, May 19, 2008

Yep, She's Still Backwards

At 22 months old and about 26 pounds, O's car seat is STILL in the rear facing position. We've recieved lots of disbelieving looks and raised eyebrows over this, but Elliott and I both feel strongly that rear facing is the safest position. I've always planned on keeping O rear facing until she reached the maximum height and weight for her car seat, and Elliott was finally convinced after watching this video. I was excited to read in Parents magazine that the recommendation is changing to encourage parents to keep their children rear facing for as long as possible instead of turning them forwards at 1 year or 22 pounds. Yay! We aren't neurotically overprotective parents after all (well, maybe just a little bit!).


  1. I too switched my son as soon as he turned one. I have been reading more on this and decided as well to keep him rear facing as long as possible. Hopefully this will be the law and the norm out there. Good for you.

  2. I also keep my almost 5 year old in a 5 point harness instead of a booster seat. I have many friends and family who do not understand why I don't just put him in a booster seat b/c the law says it is ok. They are not easy to find, but there are a few companies out there that make carseats that hold anywhere from 60 - 80 pounds which is much more than the traditional 40lbs. I forget what the height is on the carseats, but I know he can stay in the one he's in now until he's
    4'9" & 80lbs. It is a Britax. Our only problem now is that we are having another baby and our backseat is way too small! So, I'm going to investigate purchasing 2 Sunshine Kids Seats that measure about the same as booster seats, but still have the same 5 point harness and can be latched and tethered. Graco recently put out a stronger 5 point harness as well.

    I'd also like to note that just b/c we use carseats does not mean we use them properly. It drives me absolutely nuts to see a baby or child in a carseat and the straps are obviously loose! The main rule for carseats and infant seats is that if you can pinch any fabric to where it touches (kind of like folding in half) or I think if you can get more than 2 fingers under the straps it is too loose! Your baby will not be in pain by riding with tight straps. It will be a problem if you are in an accident and the baby comes out of the loose straps and or the cross piece is not in the right place. (set in the center of the chest lined with the armpits for most seats) Carseats do not tighten like ours in an accident. We are responsible for making it tight before we put the car in drive.

    Sorry to go off. This is really something that gets to me.

  3. we also kept rear facing until our daughter was already two years old. She's now 5 and still in a 5 point harness Britax.

  4. I realize I am commenting on a really old post (my little one is now 22 months so I look back)... but I thought I was the only one who still has their 22 month kiddo rear facing! Glad to hear I'm in good company! :)

  5. O is 31 months old now, and she's STILL backwards in her car seat. We think she'll be able to stay backwards for a couple more months before she meets the weight requirement to turn her forwards :)

  6. haha I'm a little late also. I started at the beginning of your blog and have read every post until this one (and I will keep going!) and since someone else commented almost a year later, so will I! :)

    My daughter (who we call "Princess") is also still rear-facing. She is 21 months and 21 pounds (she's very tiny). I plan on forward facing her when she reaches the 35 lb weight limit or the height limit (can't remember what it is for her seat), but I really doubt that will be before her 3rd birthday! She will be rear-facing for a loooonnnngggg time.

    On another note, I've been lurking and reading your blog. I'm interested in the Montessori method. I don't remember how I came across your blog, but I LOVE it!! I haven't had the opportunity to read any Montessori books yet (finances are tight), but I've been incorporating some of your ideas into our daily routine, and I love it! I wish I had started months and months ago. Getting Princess to put things away when she's done is tough, and getting her to focus on one thing is also a big challenge, but we are getting there!

    Anyway, thank you for your blog! :D

  7. Thanks, Audrey! O is 32 months old, and she's STILL backwards. She can stay backwards up to 33 pounds, so I think we have a couple more months before we have to move her :)