Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Do You Blog?

I try to spend as little time on the computer as possible when O is awake, so when she's asleep I blog as fast as I can. I throw out what I want to say and upload the posts quickly. Sometimes I'll start a few posts and finish them later. I find it to be MUCH easier for me to post lots of short blog posts instead of one long post about several things. It just helps me organize my thoughts to do it this way. I almost never proof read (I really don't like to read what I've written), and I rarely go back and read any of my posts. I've always just assumed that my mom and Elliott would tell me if I make any glaring grammatical or spelling errors. I just mentioned this to my mom, and she informed me that I make errors ALL the TIME and she thought I just didn't mind! Ugggg! So...sorry about my poorly written posts. Hopefully, my mom will let me know if I have any errors from now on because I'm not going to start proof reading :) So...How do you blog???


  1. Zach usually points out errors to me. I think I even mispelled Mickey Mouse one time! :) The one thing I really can't stand is making a spelling error. Like you I often try to post quickly. I do try to proof read, but sometimes I still miss things.

    I spend way to much time on the internet when the boys are awake now that we are in California!

  2. I blog after bedtime and do many posts at once (most weeks)...then set them to post later. I always proofread my work (I'm a grammar freak, I'll admit)....and I am also quick to point out errors in the grammar in my husband's blog posts, as well! Ha ha!

  3. Sporadically. I want to blog more often but I never seem to make the time to do it. My daughter will be starting school this summer so I'm hoping to schedule time to do it then.

    I do check my posts for spelling errors. I really try not to make them since it is a little pet peeve of mine.