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Friday, May 23, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

Sorry this post is a little late! Once again I didn't take any donations to the thrift store which I am feeling pretty bad about, but we had a super busy week and I didn't make the time to go through our junk. I bought 5 books and 2 baskets for 2 dollars and 49 cents.

I had to go to town to get a tetanus shot this morning (I sliced my thumb with a grimy razor blade last night while opening a tube of wood filler to TRY to fix O's sandbox). Since I like to do as much as possible when we go into town, we dropped off the trash, stopped by 2 thrift stores, and ran by Wal-Mart. We rarely go to the thrift stores in our town, so I was excited to check them out. I bought 7 books for 2 dollars and 50 cents (I can't stop the addiction!). They're all children's books, of course!

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