Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picking Strawberries

O was thrilled to pick strawberries last night from our deck container garden. Grandaddy Harry helped her and showed her what to do. We are excited to have these yummy, organic strawberries that we've grown ourselves. O shared a few and gobbled up the rest! Thanks, Guh-guh!


  1. hi i love your blog i'm starting my first montessori lesson with my 2 year old! we are doing toothpicks into a spice container ( it has the little holes)!

    anyway i know you said she loves books so does mine i wanted to share my LO's fave book: i ain't gonna paint no more! its really cute so if you can check it out at your library!

    we have a strawberry plant i got it last year for mothers day this year i already have flowers so soon willhave strawberries my problem is i never get to eat them cuz the bunnies, racoons, and deer eat them before i can pick them! oh well one day i hope to eat just one of my own strawberries!

    thanks for the wonderful blog! got any suggestions on homemade montessori matereials??

  2. Thanks for you comment! I'll have to check that book out next week. Check out A Bit of This and A Bit of That for homemade montessori materials ideas. Jo Ebi does a great job, and she's super creative. There's a link to her blog in my sidebar.

  3. Do you ever make Smoothies with O? We make them using Organic Vanilla Yogurt, Orange Juice, Bannanas, and some kind of frozen fruit. Tonight, I was able to get fresh strawberries from the farmer's market. Not Organic but pestiside free. Anyway, I cleaned them, cut them in big chunks, put some lemon juice on them, and froze them. Peaches, Blueberries, Blackberries.... anything is great! You can also use Sherbert in your smoothy. O would probably have fun dumping the stuff into the blender. JC's favorite part is pushing the button and turning it on. This is a fun thing to do and also yummy!! Today the boys had this for lunch with their main staple ... roll ups & Natural Cheetos! (Roll Ups are Turkey rolled in Munster Cheese... sometimes with a little cream cheese in the middle to hold it all together.)

  4. Great idea, Becca! O will love making and eating a smoothie. Ell is going to be mad when I tell him he has to get the smoothie maker back out of the garage :)