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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bell Activity

I brought this activity out of our Montessori rotation box since I thought was appropriate for the season. O enjoyed doing this work...until I borrowed a couple of bells for a handmade gift :)

The idea for this activity came from The Wonder Years. It's a simple and fun activity which was easy to put together. I took 10 bells and removed the balls from the centers of 5 of them. Then I put them in a bowl together. O picks up one bell at a time, shakes it, and determines if it should go on the sound side or no sound side.


  1. Do you have a picture of your rotation box? I've always wondered where you put all the millions of fun things you have!

  2. I am also intrested to see the rotation box.

    Also, as my son is older (6) I have an idea. Change the bells each time it's set out (so that isn't a memory game) and do the sound/no sound. Then count them and find out which has more/less.

  3. Great idea - I wonder if I take the bells out if I can put them back in for future use? I may borrow your idea to do w/ my toddler.

  4. what a fun activity!! my little one would love it!!

  5. I loved this idea! Since I have 4-5 year olds I added to it to make it harder. I had my kids count how many in each category and then write the number. They had a great time! Thanks for the idea.